Hiring Strategies for a New Reality.

01 April, 2020
HTI – Hiring Strategies for a New Reality – Download pdf





  • Plan for the future.
  • Modify business plans given what has happened – build in flexibility to accommodate changing landscape.
  • Determine how to retain talent during these times – be creative in your approach!
  • Evaluate what additional talent you need to fill gaps.
  • Approach this as an opportunity to attract talent that may not have been available otherwise.


Go Virtual.


  • Embrace that Virtual Meetings are the reality of today.
  • Get creative and use technology to full advantage: one-on-one discussions, group video chats, screen sharing & presentations, informal “coffee chats,” etc.
  • Adjust your expectations to fit the current situation – remember that, just as your working environment has changed, so has theirs.
  • Make sure you have a number of people speaking to them as “culture champions,” just as you would during an in-person interview.




  • Build a team strategy early on.
  • Create an onboarding team that can lead the onboarding process to allow the new hires to learn processes and standard practices.
  • Schedule regular check-ins to keep connected.