Executive Coaching & Leadership.

We offer a suite of transformational Executive Coaching, Leadership Assessment and Organization Effectiveness services that support growth companies and their investors in reaching peak performance. We understand that each leader and team have its own unique challenges and improvement dynamics, therefore, we approach each situation accordingly.

Our Executive Coaching program is centered around delivering the Executives leadership effectiveness within the context of their organizational challenges, culture and team.


What to expect:


  • Initial insight meeting, including a thorough assessment.
  • A constructive feedback process that collates feedback from direct reports, manager, peers and possibly customers.
  • A meeting between the client, the coach and the manager to ensure alignment on coaching goals and to gain insight into the organization and the challenges facing the client.
  • Coaching will then take place every 6 weeks, for set amount of time.
  • Additional team and client meetings throughout to ensure alignment on progress.


The mentoring program takes a longer term, broader and more holistic view of the person and is focused on career and personal development. It revolves more around developing the mentees professional career e.g. future roles, developing networks and striking the right work-life balance.


What to expect:


  • An initial in-depth insights session to better understand the following: the context and challenges of the role, ways of working and what has made you successful to date, status of executives network and key relationships, career aspirations and goals, work-life balance – what matters most outside work and how to safeguard this. Out of this will emerge the goals for the mentoring program over the next 9 months.
  • This is followed by a meeting with the client, mentor and the line manager(s) to ensure alignment on the goals and the role the line manager can play in supporting these goals.
  • Mentoring sessions will then take place every 6 weeks, for set amount of time.
  • Check ins throughout program to report and update on progress.


Aligning the People and Organization strategy to the business goals and priorities is a key factor in success.


What to expect:


  • An Audit of the key people and organization drivers in the business (e.g., talent and capabilities, structure, culture and engagement, incentives and rewards, performance management) and identifying the gaps – e.g., where they are not aligned to the business goals and plan, and a targeted action to close the gaps.
  • Agree on scope and outcomes for the project.
  • 1×1 interviews with key members in the Organization (typically 10-12 people).
  • Access to company information – structures, attrition, engagement data, market data – present initial high-level findings to the CEO/senior team – test and calibrate.
  • Produce a detailed set of recommendations and action plan.


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